Construction of a processing complex

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Construction of a processing complex

Construction of a new processing plant will allow us to meet the constantly growing demand on the market in Ukraine and produce enough chicken to export products from the Volodymyr-Volynsky poultry farm to the countries of the European Union. The project cost, on a plot of 12.96 hectares, is estimated at over 1.5 billion hryvnias (50 million euros).

As of the beginning of 2022, work has been completed for a total amount of over 700 million hryvnias.

With the start of the large-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine, construction has been frozen.

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The construction project envisages the construction of a slaughterhouse with a capacity of 13.5 thousand broilers per hour. The whole complex consists of 50 technological and auxiliary buildings and structures. In addition, the feature of the project is the automation of all production processes of the processing plant, full equipment with modern equipment from well-known world manufacturers. The Recycling Complex also provides a reliable environmental safety system through recycling of industrial waste and existing modern treatment systems.

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06.11.2020 33
Stage 1
Construction of the complex

Construction of the complex began in 2019 with the preparation of land for construction. The first stage involved the construction of the main building of the future complex, as well as the equipment of part of the technical premises. At this stage, the amount of investment amounted to more than 400 million hryvnias of the company's funds.

In 2020, the poultry farm invested over 120 million hryvnias and put into operation the first stage of construction.

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Stage 2
Launch of a meat and bone meal shop

A meat and bone meal production facility was opened in October 2021. Its launch provides additional jobs for the residents of the region and new opportunities for the enterprise.

The equipment for the facility was purchased from the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, and the USA.

The production capacity is 11 tons of meat and bone meal per day.

The cost of the purchased equipment was almost 50 million hryvnias, and the entire facility cost over 130 million hryvnias.

The meat and bone meal facility is a facility that was not previously available at the enterprise. It will allow the processing of the leftovers from production, which were previously sold as raw materials to other enterprises. From now on, we can produce meat and bone meal and sell it to animal feed manufacturers.

It will primarily process leftovers from its own production and will be able to operate at full capacity with the launch of the entire complex as a whole.

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Stage 3
Launch of the Processing Complex

At the beginning of 2022, the total cost of the work amounted to more than 700 million hryvnias, which is almost 50% of the total investment.

This stage involves work on the arrangement of shops in the middle, the purchase of equipment for the complex, installation and commissioning.


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