Social responsibility

Our company has always declared its social responsibility to the region where we operate, however, war is a challenge that demands assistance on a national scale.

The year 2022 became a year of struggle for the Ukrainian people, and Volodymyr-Volynska poultry farm did not stand aside but actively joined this new direction of work.

On the first day of the large-scale invasion, the owners agreed to allocate and transfer one million hryvnias to one of the charitable funds so that they could purchase necessary items for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. These included body armor, batteries for armored personnel carriers, quadcopters, generators, tablets, radio sets, various building materials, and spare parts for the construction of an effective defense of the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

In the city of Volodymyr, where the production is located, communication with military units and local territorial defense forces was immediately established, and their requests were fulfilled (providing rental cars and special equipment, repairing them, and providing them with products).

We cooperate with the 39th anti-aircraft missile regiment and 14 separate mechanized brigades.

At the beginning of the invasion, we mostly provided building materials. For example, our team of engineers welded large anti-tank obstacles (you can see them at the checkpoint towards Kovel), small obstacles to stop wheeled vehicles (such as cars), and reinforced the checkpoints with tires. However, now we are providing more technical items. Recently, we helped to equip and purchase equipment for refrigeration chambers in a military unit.

The volunteer assistance was joined not only by the resources of the company itself, but also by its team and owners. Together, we managed to purchase two cars for the military (one was bought by the owners, and the other was purchased by the employees together with the owners). We bought military ammunition such as helmets, body armor, armor plates, thermal imagers, quadcopters, uniforms, knee pads, and many other things. A refrigerator was also purchased for the Volyn Regional Pathological Anatomy Bureau.

In addition, we work with volunteers from Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Sumy, Lutsk, Volodymyr, and Novovolynsk. For them, we both deliver products and buy things, tactical headphones, uniforms, and fuel vehicles to transport everything to the destination.

Local hospitals are currently being assisted with supplies where military personnel are receiving treatment. A lot of work is being carried out in this direction. And now, if we start recounting everything by positions, it will take a considerable amount of time.

Overall, the amount of assistance for December 2022 is:

  • Products were transferred for an amount of over 1.5 million hryvnias.
  • Materials and spare parts for 170,374 hryvnias.
  • Transferred as a charitable donation of 2.042 million.
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